About us

We provide comprehensive and professional service of Your project.

Tetate is original design by an experienced interior designer, Mariola Kapica.

We are a modern design agency specialising in the creation of design from the ground up ‒ its spatial layout, decoration, furniture and arrangement of all other aspects ‒ in accordance with the expectations of our clients.

Our company was founded out of love for interior design. Working in design enables us to turn your dreams into reality and to make them come true. Our goal is to create spaces that are simultaneously aesthetic, comfortable and functional. These are our priorities in carrying out each task entrusted to us by our clients.

We employ creative specialists with passion ‒ interior designers who successfully combine the latest trends with proven solutions. This alone enables the best visual and spatial effect. In our work, we reject worn-out patterns and step beyond prefabricated frameworks. That’s why the spaces we create feature surprising layouts and ways of using space, while simultaneously offering great comfort and convenience in everyday use.

We know perfectly well how important it is to adapt the project to the client’s budget. Regardless of how much you are able to spend on interior design, we will help you to use it effectively to the last zloty. Our experience and contacts in the market enable you to find less expensive alternative materials without sacrificing quality, along with professional contractors who charge reasonable prices.

We always ensure high quality in implementing our designs. We take care of all the details of finishing, so that the interiors we create will look just as good many years from now as they do right after the work is finished. That’s why we work only with reliable subcontractors and manufacturers of furniture, fabrics and decorative accessories.

By choosing Tetate, you can count on comprehensive service and an individual approach to design. We know that each of us has different taste. That’s why, before we start on a design, we always discuss it with you, to make sure your expectations are clear.

We guarantee support from the ground up ‒ from help in choosing a space from the point of view of optimal interior design, to comprehensive design throughout the house or apartment, on-line projects, designer tips, and supervision of the work.

By working with us, you can arrange the interior of your house or apartment to meet all your expectations ‒ visual, functional, and from the point of view of ensuring a convenient and comfortable life.

We invite you to work with us!