Tetate assures comprehensive and professional services for each project in accordance with the vision and requirements of the client.

Since the interior which we will design is created with you in mind and is intended to make your dreams come true, we leave it to you to decide to what extent Tetate will be involved in creating the space.

We work on many levels:

We present two concepts of the arrangement of walls and furniture with measurements and technical projection of the rooms, tailored to an analysis of your tastes and needs ‒ you arrange and decorate the interior independently;
We analyse your tastes, make an inventory of the interior, and create two spatial concepts from which to choose; we design electrical wiring, plumbing, floors, and suspended ceilings; we select a colour scheme and prepare the general arrangement of particular rooms, including furniture and appliances . You choose the material and furnishings to complete the project;
Besides supplying the design of interiors and rooms, we meet you on two occasions in shops, choosing lighting elements, furniture, window decoration and decorative accessories together. In addition, we prepare designs for you for window decoration, fireplaces, staircases, and individual designs for furniture, wardrobes and cabinets. On two occasions, we visit the building in order to monitor the progress of the work and its compliance with the design and we help you to find the best finishing materials at reasonable prices. You supervise all the work yourself;
In this case, in addition to arrangement and design support, we supervise the work, ensuring compliance with the prepared design. We help with shopping, work with subcontractors regarding details of the project, and provide on-site consultations (our specialists also maintain constant contact with the building contractor). This way you can be sure that the work will proceed as planned, and that the end result will be a faithful reproduction of the design.

To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we work to the highest standards of quality. That’s why we always adapt our specific proposal to your expectations.

If you would like to discuss terms of cooperation and to receive a proposal tailored to your requirements, please contact us via email or telephone. Together, we’re sure to come to an agreement.